GameStop is a chain of retail stores that sell video games, video game merchandise, consoles, and 'nerdy' collectables, figures, and apparel.

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April 2018 – Present (1 year and 1 month)
  • Advise guests on current and upcoming games titles
  • Stay knowledgeable on game titles, consoles, and features
  • Inform guests of current and upcoming promotions
  • Work the POS to check-out guests with either cash or card
  • Handle trade-ins and returns of games and consoles
  • Answering phones, checking stock, and holding product where applicable
  • Running occational TOH inventory checks of games in stock
  • Facing products, sorting game cases, and folding shirts on the floor
  • Assemble store display units for expansion and reorganization of product
  • Follow district plans for new layouts of products and displays
  • Assembling statues and figurines for display in store before purchase
  • Format pre-owned consoles to be picked up by future guests
  • Assist in taking in and running inventory on new shipments to store
  • Assist in changing over marketing material, (posters etc.) for new game releases
  • Handle closing procedures to secure storefront
After leaving my last job, I needed something to pay the bills. I enjoyed my time in retail, but wanted to do it in an environment talking about something that I knew about, and that I was passionate about, unlike the fishing/hunting/camping environment that I was in previously. Video games fit the bill for that.
Although I enjoy what I'm doing, I much prefer more of a support role with less emphasis on the sales side of things. There are a number of sales goals for many different metrics that we are incentivised to try and meet within the sales week. Additionally, the hours are very scarce, and I'm looking for something that would either supplement the hours I currently have, or one that could potentially replace this job, provided that enough hours are offered..